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Fellowes Powershred 60Cs Paper Shredder

Safety of confidential and sensitive documents is a primary measure that we need to take. Destroying the private, confidential and unwanted documents is one of the best processes for avoiding any fraud or identity theft caused by the thieves. Nowadays the Paper Shredder might be a good choice for cutting all kinds of papers into smaller pieces and fine particles. Fellowes Powershred 60Cs 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper shredder used by many Government organizations, private individuals, and businesses for shredding or destroying the confidential and sensitive documents. Destroying the bills, tax documents, bank account statements, Credit Card as well as many other items that are no longer to use could be destroyed for avoiding future problems. The Fellowes Powershred 60Cs is one of the advanced Cross Cut home paper shredder that offers complete security in cutting the papers vertically as well as horizontally. Large documents could be cut into the confetti-like pieces so that it would make the shredding more secure. Deployment options enabled with the wide-ranging services starting from the personal to commercial usage. Crosscut technology is highly advanced for cutting the highly confidential personal as well as business financial documents. Fellowes Powershred 60Cs can Cross Cut 10 Sheet Paper in a short time.

Fellowes Cross Cut Shredders technology

Home paper shredderFellowes Powershred 60Cs 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder uses the most advanced technology for cutting the Documents, Papers, Credit Cards, DVDs and much more within seconds. The Powershred 60Cs operates smoothly, quiet and effective in cutting the papers within seconds. The Cross Cut Shredders machine is embedded with the cutting edge technologies so that precision attained with every angle of the functionality. Powershred 60Cs device has the capability to shred more than ten sheets of paper per pass in the 302 cross-cut particles. Since the Fellowes Powershred 60Cs uses the Cross Cut Shredders technology, it is efficient to Shreds Credit Cards, Staples, CDs/DVDs, Paper Clips Junk, Mail and much more. The machine is designed to protect your identity and efficient by cutting all angles both vertically and horizontally. The machine is 100% Jam Proof so that it works perfectly without any struggle. There is a higher demand for the shredders machine in all the commercial and personal as it offers the best user experience and convenient to use with more safety features. Fellowes Powershred 60Cs machine is much reliable and medium-duty shredding that is the best ideal choice for the deskside use.

Jam proof

The Fellowes Powershred 60Cs detects the thickness of the paper and activates the machine according to the thickness for shredding. Therefore, it would be easier for avoiding any jamming in its full operation. The machine has the powerful motors to handle any missed or jumbled paper. The size of the Fellowes Powershred 60Cs machines is 16.06″ H x 9.19″ W x 14.63″ D and it is convenient to keep them anywhere for full operation.

Patented SafeSense Technology

The shredder will shut off automatically when you keep your hands close to paper entry as the advanced SafeSense Technology used in the machine. The electronic safety sensor is held surrounding the paper entry so that it will disable the shredder automatically in case of an emergency or when you touch the paper opening. The smart operation is enabled in the SafeSense Technology so that it is convenient to handle the paper in the excellence for shredding. SafeSense Technology is useful for stopping the shredding when hands touched in the paper opening.

Silent operation

The Fellowes Powershred 60Cs 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper device is completely designed with the noise reduction technology so that it would be convenient to shred files without any noise. The Cooldown period is needed for the continuous shred down of the papers for 6 minutes so that it would work correctly without any disturbances. Fellowes Powershred 60Cs is the ideal choice for the industrial, personal deskside usage and office purposes of shredding a large number of papers into bits so that it is quite useful for cutting in a short time.

Mess reduction

Fellowes Powershred 60Cs features the automatic cleaning cycle in the mesh. It can store 6-gallon lift off head bin so that there is no need to empty the bin frequently even for the regular usage and most of the people empty the bin once in 4 months. The cleaning cycle also prevents the paper build-up on cutters, and it would eliminate the overflow of the paper bits. The Sensor also lets its user know about emptying the bin accordingly with the sliding of the flap that contains the dangling shreds. The Shredders also designed in such a manner that it enables the power saving sleep mode so that it would be useful for saving more energy for its operational purposes.

Warranty of the home paper shredder

The Fellowes Powershred 60Cs offers the one-year product and service warranty along with 5-year cutter warranty. Therefore, it would be quite useful to get the safe machine for Cross Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder in an excellent manner. There is no need to worry about the operational as it is quite useful for easy to operate. Fellowes Powershred 60Cs Shredder uses the Safe Sense Technology for the safety purposes.

Advantages of using Fellowes Powershred 60Cs

Fellowes Powershred 60Cs uses many new features that would be useful to increase the efficiency of the 10 Sheet Cross-Cut Paper.

  • Continuous 6 Minute Shredding
  • Child And Pet Safe Shredder
  • Cross Cut Shredders
  • Shreds paper into cross sections
  • Silent operation
  • 100% Jam Proof
  • Electronic safety sensor to automatically disable the system
  • Runtime efficient to shred
  • One year product and service warranty, five-year cutter warranty

Disadvantages of Powershred 60Cs

  •    There are some disadvantages of the Fellowes Powershred 60Csn which stated below
  •    High priced when compared to other devices
  •    Aggressive fashions
  •    Medium duty shredding


Amazonbasic 17-Sheet Paper Shredder

Naturally, cutting a bunch of paper is a daunting task, because it requires more time and efforts. For this reason, people are seeking for the best and time-saving solution. There are several ways and methods available to cut paper, but the specially designed mechanical device makes the paper shredding task much easier and quicker. If you want to know about the outstanding device, you can watch this guide carefully. While speaking about a paper shredder, it is a useful mechanical device or system used to cut any paper into Chad such as fine particles or strips. There are many businesses, private individuals and government organizations use a paper shredder to destroy confidential, private and sensitive documents. Along with this, the paper shredder is also recommended for shredding bills, credit card, tax documents, bank account statements and more that are used by the thieves to commit any fraud. Paper shredders are the most versatile and powerful devices that will aid you in disposing of all of your important, personal and sensitive data documents. Mostly used in offices or organizations, this device is indeed available in several types, each providing a unique security level. There are different varieties of paper shredders available in this modern world, so you can carefully pick the right one as per your individual requirements. It is essential to check the shredding type, size, efficiency, fast and other aspects before choosing any paper shredder. These are the most important considerations that help you to pick the right one like AmazonBasics 17-Sheet Cross-Cut Credit Card, Paper and CD Shredder with Pullout Basket.

Excellent Specifications

If you want to gather lots of interesting facts about this exceptionally designed and most outstanding AmazonBasics 17-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder, you can immediately visit Amazon. The trusted, and leading platform allows you to gather all essential information, including price, size, features, capacity and other facilities quickly. If your job involves dealing with huge amount paperwork regularly, then investing in the AmazonBasics 17-Sheet Cross-Cut Credit Card, Paper and CD Shredder will make excellent sense to make sure a safe disposal of your papers. The most efficient and superior paper shredders made with leading technologies so that it will cut your papers into different shapes. The efficient machine includes sharp and durable blades that cut down your papers in a quick and fast manner. Along with this, the paper shredder comes with a pullout basket that keeps your device ready for the future use. The simple yet incredibly helpful machine is an excellent technique to keep the working environment clutter free as well as manage the wastes efficiently.  This cross-cut shredder also comes with 17-sheet capacity that has the capability to destroy the CDs, DVDs, and credit cards within short time duration. The highly capable device shreds the papers into several strips, which measures 7/32 by 1-27/32 inches. It not only brings you some benefits but also allows you to enjoy ten minutes non-stop run time along with sixty minutes of cool down cycle. There is a manual reverse and auto start facility available to explain the paper jams. The paper shredder measures ten by exactly 14.3 by 22.4 inches.

Awesome benefits of Amazon paper shredder

Amazon paper shredderThe AmazonBasics 17-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder has strong and brilliant features that allow you to enjoy safe shredding results. Also, it also helps you to protect yourself or other business documents from any identity theft. With this outstanding AmazonBasics cross-cut paper shredder, you can thoroughly shred the multi-page documents quickly. The machine includes some superior technologies to turn documents quickly into the strips measuring exactly 7/32 by 1-27/32 inches. You can use this brilliant shredder to destroy the ATM receipts, mortgage statements, insurance packets, pay stubs, credit card bills and any unwanted or old information. This will also shred the CDs, DVDs, Blue Rays and credit cards. Shredding the essential documents or papers has become an essential device for protecting the identity. This exceptionally crafted AmazonBasics shredder reduces your possibilities of falling great victim to hassle and havoc of the identity theft. The shredder includes superior features to bring you exceptional conveniences as well as benefits. This exclusive performance helps you to prevent all your personal information from going fully public. The shredders offer you to specialized shredding results that range from junk mail and day-to-day bills to document-heavy tax season. Moreover, this AmazonBasics cross-cut shredder offers an excellent compromise between performance and price.

Positive points of AmazonBasics shredder

The specially designed Amazon paper shredder includes lots of pros that attracts lots of business individuals towards it and encourage them to buy it immediately. If you like to know the real details about AmazonBasics 17-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder, you can utilize this following passage.

  • Shreds several pages easily and quickly
  • This device not only shreds 17 pages instantly but also allows you to utilize the huge capacity wastebasket which can hold all the shredding items. The wastebasket holds up to 6 gallons. The basket easily pulls out to empty. When you see wastebasket full, you can empty it to prevent the paper jams.
  • Eats Through DVDs/CDs and Credit Cards
  • You can insert the plastic media into the sharp cutting slot. By using the sharp and strong blade, you can wreck CDs.
  •  Multiple shredder types

The most effective shredder device offers you several types of shredding results such as Strip-Cut Shredders, Cross-Cut Shredders, and Micro-Cut Shredders. These are the different types of shredder types, which will offer various ranges of protection. If you like to obtain the benefits, you can choose the right shredder type as per your individual shredding requirements.

Cons of AmazonBasics shredder

The negative point about this shredder is that its basket needs an active handle on the bottom. For this reason, you can carefully dump it into the larger receptacle without striving to hold it upside-down with the handle, which is made for up-and-out grasping as well as not for the down-and-in dumping.


Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Reviews 2017-2018

Heavy duty shredder or Micro-cut shredders vary in length and charge from tiny and cheaper units designed for an actual amount of pages to massive gadgets utilized by commercial shredding offerings that value huge amount of cash. The Bonsaii C149-D 12-sheet Paper Shredder, Amazon Basics 12-Sheet Micro Cut Paper Shredder, and Comet CM-10CD 10 Sheet Paper Shredder, as well as Sentinel 12 Sheet Micro-cut Shredder, are numerous forms of Micro Cut Shredders which might examine in this newsletter. The principle specs of those shredders encompass the overall performance, feed capability, features in addition to charge to be able to determine the first-rate micro cut shredder. These products are specifically used in maximum offices in addition to homes. Even as buying the system, customers are recommended to test the standards of the model due to the fact they hold on changing the marketplace. It is essential to decide the shredding machine which meets the modern requirements. T primary objective of a high potential paper shredder is to dispose of the records that are contained in the content of the paper.

Basic details of Paper Shredder

Paper Shredder is the mechanical device this is used for cutting the papers into Chad or first-rate particles it is also known as a portable shredder. Paper Shredder machines are used in the organizations, government companies in addition to private individuals to break the personal, personal and touchy documents. Paper Shredder is also beneficial for cutting the tax records, financial institution account statements, credit score Card, bills and plenty of other gadgets into bits so they could not be regarded by way of thieves for committing fraud. Choosing the satisfactory Paper Shredder for the smooth and efficient cutting is crucial so that it’d be pretty beneficial to have a better benefit in speed cutting.

Features of Bonsaii EverShred C149-D 12-Sheet Paper Shredder

Heavy duty shredderThis is an extraordinarily first-class as well as a whisper quiet 12-sheet micro cut shredder for the reason of all paper documents. The presence of the boasting medium duty motor which shreds 5.3 ft according to a minute and 8.7 access slots that’s liable for accepting all letter and criminal-seized files. In the course of the operation, the motor is quiet in addition to efficient in view of the fact that it does now not produce any noise for this reason no distraction is skilled. Further, this sort of device is surely acting an awesome mission inside the experience that it may run for 60 mins constantly accordingly producing smooth papers. In maximum cases, this model is utilized in maximum offices in addition to in our houses. The distinction takes place regarding strip-cut, crosscut as well as micro cut. Machines with similar specification as well as similar overall performance to this kind fee double what Amazon charges for this reason in some instances it costs more. Bonsaii EverShred C149-D 12-sheet shredder chops up papers, CDs and credit card quick, quietly and without being blocked it works as heavy duty shredder. As a factor of truth, this version is a good while as compared to other models for this reason difference in cost occurs.

Plastic luggage is not required even as sliding out the wastebasket in addition to dumping the shredded fabric within the dumpster. The supply if the casters, which help inside the movement of the Bonsaii EverShred C149-D Micro-cut shredder smooth. But, this model is ready with an overheat indicator, that’s responsible for the safety of the shredder. Therefore, this version is dependable, clean to use in addition to clean to drain the waste pieces. This makes the Bonsaii EverShred C149-D 12 Sheet Micro-cut shredder a basic requirement for maximum offices and maximum homes. While shopping this type of model, awesomely gives and reductions are to be had. Online purchasing offers codes because all brands and merchandise of this kind beat the economic disaster via huge gives. Consequently, Bonsaii C149-D shredder has the following cons as well as professionals.

Pros of Bonsaii EverShred C149-D 12-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper Shredder:

  • Capable of feed 6-eight pages at a time with none problem
  • Throughout the operation, its miles quiet
  • Without difficulty manage heavyweight paper
  • It is faster when compared with the preceding shredder
  • No problem at all in terms of trendy staples in addition to glossy papers
  • In general, it’s miles used continuously for greater than 6 hours earlier than it is shut down
  • Designed for the purpose of easy lifting

Cons of Bonsaii EverShred C149-D 12-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper Shredder:

  • Some shredded bits in maximum cases appear to grow to be on the floor while emptying the container
  • Field fills up attractive quickly
  • Capability of the device probably overstated given the truth that most users aren’t sure that it’d cope with 18 sheets of paper
  • It is a piece more high-priced in comparison to different aggressive fashions
  • The input slot of the shredder ought to be redesigned to make it easier to feed the papers in a handy way


Fellowes Powershred 99Ci 18-Sheet Paper Shredder

Paper Shredder is the mechanical device that used for cutting the papers into Chad or fine particles. Paper Shredder machines utilized in the businesses, Government organizations as well as private individuals to destroy the confidential, private and sensitive documents. Paper Shredder is also useful for cutting the tax documents, bank account statements, Credit Card, bills and many other items into bits so that thieves could not view them for committing fraud. Choosing the best Paper Shredder for the smooth and efficient cutting is important so that it would be quite useful to have a better advantage in fast cutting. Fellowes Powershredder Cross-Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder is one of the highly advanced machines that can shred up to 18 sheets of paper into the 397 cross cut particles. Fellowes Powershred is a 100% Jam Proof machine that can be used under any condition so that it is quite useful for cutting the documents or other confidential materials in the faster rate. Most individuals choose the Fellowes Powershred brand of Cross-Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder to have full efficiency in cutting without any flaws. The Dimension of the machine is 25.19″ x 11.44″ x 17.31″ so that it is compatible to use the Heavy Duty Paper Shredder anywhere.

 Features of Fellowes Powershred 99Ci

Fellowes Powershred 99CiThe Fellowes Powershred 99Ci 100% Jam Proof 18-Sheet Cross-Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder is designed to shred CDs/DVDs, staples, credit cards, paper clips, junk mail and much more in an excellent manner. Achieving the hassle free shredding or cutting the particles are highly efficient, and it can use for all purposes. The Powershred 99Ci is a smooth, stable and quiet machine for shredding and fast enough to destroy armful of paper within minutes. The device uses the 3 levels of the advanced Fellowes 100% Jam Proof System so that it eliminates any paper jam that offers excellent productivity even in your tough jobs. Patented SafeSense Technology is used in the device so that with the advance electronic safety sensor operates automatically. The SafeSense sensor placed around the paper entry sop that it will disable the shredder automatically when the user’s hands touch paper that in the entry. Fellowes shredder uses the highly advance SilentShred Technology with the Energy Savings System so that it allows the machine to integrate easily with any environment. The cooling down period is set as 30 minutes so that it can continuously shred for up to 30 minutes. Fellowes Powershred is the ideal choice for maximum three users that includes 9-gallon pull-out bin. The power shred features stop, reverse and forward options for active control of the machine. The device also backed by the 2-year product and service warranty and worry-free lifetime cutter warranty.

Benefits of using Powershred 99Ci Cross-Cut Shredder

The Powershred 99Ci Cross-Cut Shredder becomes the essential machine securely to shred the sensitive tax documents, paper clips, credit cards, CDs/DVDs as well as other confidential materials. The Paper Shredder used in many homes, private offices, and government agencies for various purposes. Fellowes Powershred is a child and pet safe machine that uses SafeSense Technology so that the engine stops shredding if you place your hands on the paper opening.  Since Fellowes Powershred machine have the capability of shredding more than 18 sheets per pass in the 5/32-inch x 1-1/2-inch sized cross cut particles, the device is considered as one of the top most high-speed paper cutting machines. Cool down period is necessary for the device for enhancing the efficiency of the journal shred operation for gaining more benefits. Fellowes Powershred is available with the 2-year product warranty as well as 5-year cutter warranty so that buying the machine would be quite useful for daily paper shredding needs. 3 level advanced 100% Jam Proof system enabled with the patented device, and the apparatus is useful for excellent performances. Fellowes Powershred is capable of cutting the paper in the cross section and highly secure cut shredders placed in the device for increasing the efficiency. The device is backed with the 9 gallons pull out type bin with the LED bin full indicator so that cleaning is highly efficient. There is no need to empty the bin often unless it is full and it takes at least 3 or 4 months. Less maintenance required with 100% guaranteed service for long hours with appropriate cool down time. Fellowes Powershred designed in such a manner that every shredder runs only for the particular period so that it automatically cools down and it called as the Run Time. The more run time it takes to the longer you need to shred. The machine is faster when compared to the micro-cut shredders, and it has the capability of shredding 18 sheets of paper per pass.

Pros of Fellowes Powershred

Fellowes 99Ci is one of the highly modern technologies filled devices that turns the sensitive documents into incomprehensible waste thus securing them to avoid any unauthorized imitation or theft. Using the Fellowes Powershred features the following advantages

    Innovative shredding and disposal feature

    Powerful Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

    Instantaneous Shredding

    Reduced Size of the Waste

    Increased Protection

    Cost Effectiveness:

    Save Time

    SafeSense Technology

    Energy Savings System

    Smart cool down process

    100% Jam Proof System

    Shreds 18 sheets of paper per pass into 397 Security Level P-4

    9-gallon pull-out bin with LED bin full indicator

    Smooth and Quiet Operation

Cons of Paper Shredder

Even though the Paper Shredder becomes the necessity for securing the confidential documents, the machine consists of a plethora of blades and teeth that spin at the thousand RPM. Placing them in the easy to access area that is free to use could lead to many disadvantages. When placed a unintelligent and emotionless objects like Jewellery, Long sleeves, untucked shirts or ties in the machine unintentionally, it could be riskier, so it is necessary to handle with complete care on any machine.